Help give student athletes an amazing opportunity in Spain!

The Program:

americasteamShannon Steinhilber, Head Coach of USA America’s Team Central Florida and Coach Cindy Corrado are honored to be chosen to lead a group of talented and respected female athletes to play softball and tour the country of Spain in the summer of 2014.

America’s Team specializes in international sports travel tours, and believes that travel through sports changes lives. America’s Team has partnered with American Council on International Studies (ACIS). For over 30 years, ACIS has guided coaches, teachers and student athletes on educational tours.

The student athlete gains insight not just from traveling abroad, but also observing life in and around other countries while playing the sport they love.


From July 23rd – 31st, 2014, USA America’s Team Central Florida will be participating in an exciting and challenging softball competition in Spain specifically Barcelona, Madrid, and Venezuela. The team is comprised of local High School student athletes that possess a good attitude, strong academics (3.8 GPA and above), good character and a passion for the game of softball.

How you can help:

I am inviting you to take part in the continued development of softball on the international stage, as well as, the development of student athletes. We are now in the process of raising funds to train, compete and travel internationally to play against the Spanish teams. Our team is dedicated and committed to raising the funds needed to represent our local community, as well as the United States. The cost for each athlete is $4,000 and covers all expenses for travel, competition, accommodations and meals. In return we will advertise your business through website and banner advertisement. Please make checks payable to Game on Girls Sports, LLC. Your donation may be used as an advertisement expense for tax purposes.

This is an opportunity not only for our local athletes, but a chance for you to support the community in a positive and charitable way.

Your financial support will help us provide a once in a lifetime experience for these worthy students. I believe that you will be proud of being a valuable sponsor of America’s team Central Florida Spain, 2014.

Thank you for your support to our young female athletes!