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A Word (or two) from Coach Cindy

I remember being at “The Pit” (a softball field) in Clark, New Jersey. I was eight years old, and Mom had brought me to my first practice. I vividly recall standing on the field, confused and scared. I can still smell the clay. My coach was a mother (my teammate’s parent) and she

assigned me to play short stop. I panicked. I thought, “What is short stop?!”

Then it was time for me to swing the bat. And I did. I missed, and missed, and I missed again. The tears started to come. Then I heard Coach saying, “Watch the ball! Watch the ball!” And I did. I hit the next ball all the way in to the grass. My coach and my parents were very proud of me, and I was proud of myself. I didn’t know it at the time, but I had just worked through my first physical AND mental challenge.

That was the beginning of my softball career and my love of this game. All I wanted to do was hit, hit, hit…I loved to hit! I knew I had done it before and was confident I could do it again. Over the years, I continued to watch the ball hit my bat. Many times the ball just took off, as did my career in this sport; other days weren’t so grand, and I learned to work through it. So, now you know where one of my favorite sayings, “See it, Hit it!”, came from.

Coach Cindy Softball is deeply rooted in me, beginning with “The Pit” in New Jersey to today. I have played this game for more than 25 years. Six years ago, I began offering students my knowledge of the game through individual and group instruction, skills clinics for both teams and coaches and college recruitment consulting. But it’s more than just a game. Softball has taken me so many places, provided me with wonderful experiences and taught me countless life-lessons. It has given me more than I could ever give back to it. I wish the same for my students, and I am honored to be a part of their personal softball development.

In this spirit, the Coach Cindy Softball website is for ALL softball players – all ages and all levels – students, parents and coaches. Really, it’s for anyone who wants to take their game to the next level, or just wants to continue the pure enjoyment of the game.

From “The Pit” in New Jersey to the World Wide Web, I am proud to offer you this website as a source of information and enjoyment….

Thank you for visiting!

Coach Cindy

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