Welcome to Vision Field Coach Kayla Whitaker

Pitching Coach Kayla Whitaker @ Coach Cindy Softball

Pitcher/2nd Base
22 Years old
Right Handed
Pitches: Fastball, Change, Curve, Screw, Drop & Rise
Average Speed: 59-61mph

Kayla has been playing since she was 5 years old and started taking pitching lessons at age 7. She is currently at UCF as a senior and will start playing ball again in the Fall.

Quick Stats:

  • Started Playing Softball at the age of 7. Played baseball when I was 5 because there wasn’t any softball league.
  • Started taking pitching lessons at age 7
  • Played for the Lady Lightning travel ball team at age 9 (10 and under)
  • Received 5th place at the Disney World Series
  • Played High School Junior Varsity softball in 6th and 7th grade
  • Played on Varsity team at High school in 8th grade (Pre-k – 12th school)
  • 2011 World Series Champs (Panama City) Lady Lightning travel ball team
  • 2012 World Series Champs (Panama City) PC Power travel ball team
  • 2013 County Runner Up (Rutherford High School)
  • 2013 District Champs (Rutherford High School)
  • Played one year at the collegiate level at Gulf Coast State College
  • Currently plays club softball for UCF and plays against Stetson, UF, FSU, and FAU
  • Started playing in 2014, Won Pitcher of the Week out of all the colleges in the league. (NCAA)

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