Below are some Coach Cindy softball testimonials from parents and students.

Yesterday our family went to Clermont to watch Sofias cousin Maya play in an exposure tournament and Maya was really struggling with her batting. Her team played 4 games and it seemed like after each game she was more frustrated and it affected the next game.
After game 3 They were walking to the next field and I overheard Sofia telling Maya – you got this – my batting coach says, for me to approach the plate thinking,  “I can, I will, now watch me”

I was so proud of Sofia and I realized that you have changed my girl – for the better- in more ways than just hitting better- And I just wanted you to know.

Thanks! You deserve some of the credit for those stats. Hannah’s confidence with her ability has certainly improved with your coaching and its reflective in her plate appearances.

Thanks again for all of your support.


As denoted by any dictionary, a coach is an athletic instructor or trainer. Coach Cindy Corrado has not just been a coach. She has not exclusively advocated the need for flawless technique. She has not solitarily promoted strategic thinking. She has not solely forced one to deduce approaches that lead to promising outcomes. Coach Cindy Corrado, you see, is not just a coach. She has instilled in her players, me especially, that respect, such an immeasurable thing, can make a measurable difference.  One should know, though, that it takes more than a coach to do this; it takes a mentor.

-Christina Dadich

Coach Cindy is not just any other coach, she is the best coach that has ever coached me. Even though she has only coached me for a few months now, she has taught me so much on and off the field. She has helped me fundamentally and most importantly mentally. She teaches me life lessons without even knowing it. I am so lucky to have Coach Cindy as a coach. She is such a strong, powerful, and inspirational women. I look up to her in many ways. If you ever get the chance to have her as a coach, do yourself a favor and take that offer.

-MacKenzie Stack

I’m excited to be working with Coach Cindy. Her passion and knowledge of the game makes every practice exciting.  I’m the kind of player that needs to know why and how everything works and Coach Cindy explains the mechanics of the game to me like no other coach has. This has improved my batting average tremendously.  Not only has coach Cindy taught me about softball she has helped me with teamwork and life skills. 

Eagles team player, Ali Hardesty

Being coached by Coach Cindy has been a great experience.  She has taught me not just to play the game but to understand the game, that every second I play I need to make something happen wether it is on the plate or on the mound something needs to happen.  She has also taught the mental strategy of the game and the emotional part of it and how to control your emotions on the field.  In all my years in playing travel ball I have truly enjoyed the most with Coach.

Samantha Gill

Terrywhite_siteCoach Cindy is where integrity, passion, experience, wisdom, forward looking and step by step instruction combine to build confident softball players and most importantly young confident ladies!!!

My ten year old daughter has been seeing Coach Cindy for nine months about every other week.  When we started with Coach Cindy, my daughter was not a confident batter yet had received many other costly private lessons with very little results and little to build on. After approximately 20 lessons, my daughter is hitting hard 150 foot line drives that roll much further, hitting the ball hard 50% of the time and very seldom strikes out.

She now is a confident batter which has lead her to become a team leader and this has carried over to her overall confidence in life.  This is the priceless stuff that I could never pay for!!! After our first lesson, I went home and emotionally expressed to my wife that we just had a special moment in life as we now have found a coach who will take our daughter to wherever her potential will permit.  Coach Cindy has provided us the best instruction I have witnessed at anything in life, no exceptions!!!  Coach Cindy respects and loves the game, but most importantly she wants to nurture our daughters with her life experiences. Coach Cindy is a rare gem that we are blessed to have in my family’s lives!!!  Thanks Coach 🙂

Terry White (Parent)

mallory head shotI have had the pleasure of watching coach Cindy work with my daughter for the last 4 years. Cindy took a shy 12 year old child and changed her into a confident collegiate level softball player. Coach Cindy is one of the hardest working softball instructors I have ever seen. She will break down the fundamentals of the game to reach any level that is needed to help your child improve. Cindy does not only teach the girls softball but she also teaches them life lessons along the way. She instructs them to be confident and believe in themselves and be all you can be in anything that you do. Keep up the good work Cindy because you do make a difference in these girls lives!

– Jeff Hammonds (Parent)

IMG_0329Coach Cindy is an awesome individual, who has an outstanding knowledge of the game. She has a marvelous way of relating to her students, and motivating them to perform and achieve a level of play they never thought possible. We have been going to Coach Cindy for 6 years now, and consider her not only a coach, but as part of the family. She is sincerely interested and committed to seeing her students excel in the sport of fast pitch Softball, as well as life in general.

-Ernie Reich (Parent)

IMG_0325My daughter has been seeing Coach Cindy for over four years. With her help, my daughter has developed a fundamentally sound and very powerful swing. This is evident by the number of balls she’s put out of park over the last four years, as well as the compliments I get on her swing from travel ball Coaches and Collegiate Coaches alike. She is just 16 and has already had her first trip to the ASA 18U “A” National Championship. Thanks Coach Cindy.

– Charlie Heitz (Parent)

lindI have worked with Cindy Corrado for several years now in the recruiting process and I have found her evaluations of players, athletically as well as in attitude to be right on. I have had several of her players in my program and they have done well. She does a good job of not only knowing the level that would best fit her girls but also in knowing the schools, coaches and our needs and what we tend to look for.

Jamie Lind, Head Softball Coach
Florida State College of Jacksonville

Testimonial from Ashley Darakjian’s Parents:

Coach Cindy,

It is official, Ash has signed her NLI to play D1 Softball at JU. I want to personally say “THANK YOU” a million times for all you have done for her over the years.

You have played a major role throughout her formative softball years.  Your coaching and guidance have been vital, to say the least.

I always appreciated your unwavering belief in her abilities to compete at the highest levels. When you worked with her, it always made a big difference in her confidence & performance.

I am sure Ash is just one of many girls you have had a positive impact on throughout the years, not to mention the contribution you provide to the game itself.

Coaching at any level is very tough however your love for the game makes it look easy. I have great regard for what you do/done as a coach and great respect of you as a person.

I am very proud to call you a friend.


John Darakjian

Testimonial from Chloe Kemmerling’s Parents:

“We met Coach Cindy about 3 months ago. Our daughter was struggling in many aspects of the game, both, physically and mentally. She had just finished her 3rd season, she was frustrated and her confidence was lacking. It was time to find someone who could really connect with her. From the first practice, we knew Coach Cindy would be a great fit. She is an amazing person that has love, respect and knowledge of softball we hadn’t seen before. She probably doesn’t realize this but as a family, we get so much more than a 1-hour lesson for our daughter every time we see her. The progress made in the past 12 weeks is fantastic, we look forward to many more lessons with Coach Cindy. Thank you for your hard work and support.

-Eric and Aryn Kemmerling”