Video Analysis Program

Welcome to the Coach Cindy Video Lesson Analysis Program

Your Proven Path to Results!

After almost a decade of providing private and group softball hitting/fielding lessons in Orlando, we have created an online coaching program for athletes and parents who cannot travel to our facility.

Coach Cindy analyzes the video with her electronic software (looking at stance, swing, follow-through, etc.) then provides her feedback with a detailed analysis explaining how to correct any problems identified in the video.

Coach Cindy will provide you with specific drills that will help reinforce the proper mechanics and provide mental-game training, as well. She will teach you what you need to know about the “process of the swing” so you can become your own hitting coach.

Learn how to fully unlock your power using proper technique.

How the Video Lesson works: Email your video of the athlete performing her hitting technique. (No pitching, please.)

Video Analysis Program - Hitting



Coach will analyze your mechanics and point out the strengths and weaknesses in your swing. Then develop a plan of action to correct your mechanics.

Please provide video that includes views from:


  • Off the tee or soft toss from the side
  • The pitcher’s view
  • The catcher’s view

For More Information:

Contact Coach Cindy at 407.492.5028 or email:

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